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Etched Marble:
Artistic Tiles
by Yuri Y. Yurov


Using the finest materials and techniques available for archival museum framing, YYY Decor provides the artists, the community, and businesses with their framing needs.

We are pleased to make available to you thousands of frames manufactured by companies in the US and Europe, providing the finest quality frames from the best companies. By working with these companies, we are able to find exactly what is needed for each unique piece of art.

In our framing we use only the archival quality materials including acid-free mattes and linen tape with vegetable glue.

Nothing that touches the art has harmful chemicals in it, including the tape and board that is used to set the art work in the frame.

Our framing service is performed by an artist who is sensitive to the unique aesthetic of each piece.

All work from YYY Decor is reversible which ensures that the matte or frame can be changed at any time.

We invite you to experience our personal approach and learn more about our competitively-priced service.