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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Giclée print?

The word Giclée (pronounced zhee-clay) in French means "fine spray" or "to spray ink". It is an advanced digital method of Fine Art printing. Giclée prints are created by thin jets spraying droplets of vegetable-based resilient inks onto artist-grade canvas or Arches watercolour paper and achieve a similar look and feel to original paintings. Giclée prints are the closest reproduction to an original work of art.

How long will my print last?

Archival characteristics or permanency is a very important factor in fine art printing. From the beginning, Giclée prints have been under the critical microscope. The inks used in the early days of digital printing (using Iris printers) were beautiful but highly fugitive, lasting only two or three years before noticeable fading began. Unfortunately, some printing companies used these inks when printing fine art prints, which led to the perception that Giclée, as a rule, tended to fade.

Information gained from extensive research and the explosive growth of the industry has spurred the development of a new generation of fine art inks which offer all the permanence expected of a work of fine art. It has also infused the art community with confidence about Giclée and rendered ink permanence a non-issue.

Properly matched inks and papers can last up to 85 years under continuous lighting conditions. For some of the best independent data on longevity please visit Wilhelm Research.

How large can you print my image?

For archival papers and fabrics printed using Ultrachrome inks, we can print up to 44" wide by virtually any length.

What kind of papers do you print on?

We print on fine art papers, photo papers and canvas. We keep the following categories of media in stock: Photo Lustre, Photo Glossy, Photo Matte. For fine art paper we keep textured stock, and generally like heavy papers (310 gsm). For canvas we stock a matte and a gloss.

Can I make just one print?

Absolutely. You can order just one print, or many prints. As you might expect, per-print pricing decreases the more copies you order.

What is the average turnaround time for a print run?

It depends on the size and quantity of the print run. The average turnaround time is 1-2 weeks. Expedited orders are possible, though a rush fee will likely apply. Please contact us with your project details for an accurate time frame.

Can I prepare my own files for printing?

Yes, you can prepare your own images for Giclée printing and not incur set-up costs. You can also pay us 'a la carte' to do only the service you need, for example, proofing. This is a good option for photographers and digital artists who are comfortable doing their own color work in graphics software. We recommend profiling your monitor to a standardized color space to have predictable color in your final prints.

What file format and what resolution do you need?

We prefer a TIFF, JPEGs, or PSD image with a profile attached. Optimum image resolution is 300-360 dpi at the final size to be printed. Resolution below 150 dpi may show pixelation. We also accept , PDFs, and all native Adobe PhotoShop formats.

Do you do art restoration?

Yes, we do digital restoration. That is to say, we can scan an in original painting that is damaged, then digitally remove cracks, fire damage, fading, and other problems before it is printed. We can also restore photographs in this way.

When should I put a UV coating on my print?

Giclée prints on paper or canvas that are exhibited without glass must have a UV protective coating.

What is your Copyright Policy?

YYY Decor cannot reproduce any material that is copyrighted without the copyright holder's consent.  This applies to any copyrighted material, regardless of whether or not it displays the copyright symbol.  YYY Decor reserves the right to verify any and all copyright information in addition to rejecting any order, proof or sample in which it believes to be in violation of any copyright, statutory or federal statue.

I have other questions. How can I contact you?

The best and fastest way to get questions answered is to contact the studio by email.